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MACH Speedoggie WooWho PCDX RN




After years of deliberation, I've decided to offer Chip as a stud dog on a limited basis. Breeding is something I never intended to get into, but little did I know I would be blessed with such a perfect dog. I have turned down opportunities in the past but the search for my next puppy led me to breeding him. If you're interested in using Chip, lets start a conversation!

Chip Stats

MACH Speedog Woowho PCDX RN

Born 12.04.2009

20" tall

38 pounds

OFA Hips Good

OFA Elbows Normal

Clear on all DNA tests. 

He has been collected and has excellent quality semen.

At this point, I prefer artificial breedings.


My Favorite things about chip

He is social, I think he has more friends than I do. He is super cuddly and affectionate, the way he cuddles with a stranger he just met always makes me chuckle.

His athleticism. He has amazing ground speed and he is a naturally gifted jumper. He has jumped 20", 22", 24" and 26" with ease throughout his career. 

He has a great balance between drive and thoughtfulness. He has an incredible drive to work, but is also super thoughtful. He strives to be right and wants to please. 

He doesn't have "eye" for other dogs. He can sleep next to me at a seminar when other dogs are working right in front of him. He can wait patiently next to the ring waiting our turn.

He's quiet. He doesn't bark or scream while he's working. He hardly barks at home. 

He has been very healthy and sound his entire life (*knock on wood).

He is just "easy". He is a great pet and house dog. He travels with ease and adapts to new scenarios quickly.

He's an accomplished agility dog with multiple Regional Championships, Nationals Finals appearances and Nationals Placements. But most importantly he is just a very good boy :)



4 time National Finalist

USDAA Steeplechase 2014, California. USDAA Steeplechase 2016, Arizona.

AKC 2017, Georgia.

USDAA Grand Prix 2017, Tennessee. 


2 time Regional Champion

2016 NW Steeplechase Champion.

2017 NW Grand Prix Champion.


Silver Medal in Biathlon at

Cynosport World Games in 2016.


AKC Nationals in 2017 - first place in the 20" Standard class and came in 2nd place in the NAC Finals. 

AKC Nationals in 2018 - 2nd place in Premier Standard. 

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