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I have the honor of working with so many amazing students, with many different breeds of dogs. They have all taught me so much over the years and I cherish the relationships I have with them. 

Some of them share their thoughts below.

Sandy B. 


I’ve known Heather since she was a wee one tagging along with her Mom to dog training classes. It’s been fun to watch and experience her expertise grow and develop into a great dog trainer and now teacher and coach in the Agility world. She has a great eye and nice manner with all of her students and especially those of us heading into our senior years!!!

Andrea S.  

Seamus and Pearl Sanford

Heather is not only the kind of dog handler I aspire to be, she's got the teaching skills to get you through every step of agility training. Inspirational, encouraging and fun, she knows how to meet you where you are -- with the dog you have -- to inspire you to be the best team you can be.

Linda S. 


Heather, is an amazing agility coach. She is very talented, insightful and gifted with vast amounts of patience. She has instilled confidence in me with my agility skills I never believed possible. In turn, I have confidence in my coaching, training and therefore my decisions I make on course. This translates into my dogs being confident in my handling which is the coolest thing ever.

Linda H. 


There are not enough positive words to use for the way Heather teaches, she is not only accomplished and knowledgeable, but is a positive and encouraging instructor. Her observation skills of what you, as a handler, is doing but she understands and clearly conveys to you your dog's reactions.

Sharon M.


I love training with. You explain things so well. You are excellent with dogs, as well as, humans.

Cheryl P. 


I have had good trainers before then I met Heather! She has taken me to another level. Heather is positive, inspirational, and challenging. I like when people ask - who is your trainer? (I get to brag!!) Heather instills a confidence that allows you to compete at the next level. I am no longer afraid to try things because I did it in practice. I take her advice to heart. My dog is a winner whether we Q or not... and my pup knows it! Thank you Heather! - Cheryl and Samm

Krissy R. 


Where to start.... Heather is one of the greatest instructors I’ve had the privilege of working with and I honestly believe it showed in what I was able to achieve with my big boy, Kaiden! She has a way of making everyone feel comfortable at whatever level you are competing or training at! Her knowledge and the way she shares it are unsurpassable. Heather isn’t easily frustrated and has the patience of a saint, she will try giving you suggestions or feedback until something fits for you and you dog. Those of us that are fortunate enough to have her be apart of our journey are so lucky!!!

Erin F. 


Thank you Heather for everything. Anna and I had a wonderful journey with you in agility. We would not have been able to go so far without you. Who knew a basset hound could have so much fun in agility. I even had a judge tell me she was the fastest basset hound she had ever seen. Anna is now retired, but we loved every minute of it. Thank you again for taking us on as a students.

Lavena C. 


Heather has a keen eye. She picked up on a tiny, inadvertent cue I was giving my dog which was causing issues. Becoming aware of this cue allowed me to change, making a big difference in the performance of my dogs.

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