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Weekly Classes 

Success doesn't come from what

you do occasionally.

It comes from what you do consistently. 

Classes cater to all students no matter their goals. Our students range from people who want to come to class each week for fun exercise with their dogs, to students who have ambitious competition goals. 

Class curriculum includes a balance between course running, handling analysis, and skill building drills. 

We help students practice good dog training mechanics and become the best partner possible for their dogs. 

Classes in Buckley are held at Foothills Veterinary Hospital and run in 4 week sessions for $140. Drop ins $40. 

* I am not accepting new full time students in Buckley right now. I do have drop in opportunities available. Email me for more information*

Classes in Auburn are held at Gold Star Dog School run in 4 week sessions for $140.

Private Lessons Available 


Email for availability -

Current Class Schedule - 2024

Mondays in Buckley - 

9:45 - Competition Handling - *FULL

11:30 - Competition Handling - *FULL

1:15 - Competition Handling - *FULL

3:15 - Novice Skills - *FULL

6:00 - Competition Handling - *FULL

7:30 - Competition Handling - *FULL

Wednesdays in Auburn -

2:15 -Pre-Sport Puppy - FULL

3:45 - Agility Foundation - FULL

5:15 - Agility Foundation - FULL

**Email to be put on the wait list for full classes. Drop ins available for some full classes. 

Class Descriptions

Competition Handling - This class is for dogs who are proficient in all obstacles and handlers who are familiar with course handling. Classes focus on preparing teams for American style course work. Classes alternate each week between full courses (AKC and USDAA style), and skill drills to work on building and rewarding skills (such as contact and weave behavior, jumping drills, and handling cues). An emphasis is placed on independent trained cues, so the dogs know exactly what is expected of them, allowing the handlers to stay ahead on course. We help our students strive for establishing clear criteria and consistent performances.  

Novice Skills - This class is for dogs who have completed Foundation classes and become proficient in independent obstacle performances. We will begin to link obstacles together in longer sequences and work on handling maneuvers. Contact and weave training will continue. Whether or not you plan to compete, training will continue to prepare dogs for Novice/Open levels of competition. Dogs should know all obstacles but exceptions can be made for the weaves and teeter. 

Foundation Level One - This class is appropriate for dogs over 8 months old who have no prior agility experience.  Dogs will learn skills that will set them up for future agility careers. Classes introduce dogs and handlers to flat work, tunnels, planks, wobble boards, jump wings, and tables. 

*Prerequisites for Foundation class - Prior obedience training, including a reliable sit stay and off leash recall. Dogs must be food motivated. Dogs must be friendly with other dogs and people, no aggressive or reactive behavior allowed. 

Foundation Level Two - This class is for dogs who have been introduced to jumps and tunnels, and have completed all the flat work exercises in Foundation Level One. Dogs will start to learn weaves and contacts in this class. 

Pre-Sport Puppy - This class is for dogs under a year old, who will be future agility dogs. Dogs will learn games and behaviors that will set them up for success as future agility dogs. Class will feature safe and age appropriate exercises, including - body awareness, flat work and shadow handling, recalls, and crate games. 

Pre-Agility - This class is for dogs over 8 months of age who have graduated from either Pre-Sport Puppy class or Intermediate Obedience class. This class will cover essential foundation skills for agility and introduce dogs to jump, tunnel, handling, contact and weave skills. 

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